Monospace is a puzzle game where the player needs to think in both 2 and 3 dimensions. The goal is to collect a certain amount of white cubes in each level. To do that, the 3-dimensional level can be reduced to a flat image and then turned back into a spatial object again. Different possibilities will result from different perspectives.

"Monospace is an excellent title. The concept is solid, the controls work well, and there’s 64 puzzles in all — enough to occupy hours of your time. If you’re looking for a puzzler that tries something a little different than the average App Store fare, it’s very much worth its $1.99 asking price." –
– If you get stuck on a level, reset it through the menu or shake the iPhone / iPod touch.
– You dont have to complete all the levels to progress in the game. Finished levels will unlock the surrounding ones in the level selection grid.
– In order to advance to a new difficulty setting, you have to solve the last level on the previous setting.
– Black cubes act like walls; you cannot collect them, they will however block your sight and movement.
– Red cubes will push you one step further in the direction you collect them.
– There can be more than one solution.
– For every level you complete, a white cube gets added to the starting screen.
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